ESL grammar level C1 & C2: Conditional Sentence Mixed Conditionals in English

Mixed Conditionals in english

  • Hypothetical conditions in the past and their result in the present.
    • You might not be in so much trouble if you hadn't started gambling.
  • Hypothetical conditions in the present and their result in the past.
    • If i were you, I would have made Paule buy own lottery ticket.
Inverted Conditionals in english


  • More formal form of the first conditional (with should).
    • Should the drought continue? many people will be forced to leave their villages.
  • More formal from of the second conditional.
    • Were we to stop using fossil fuels tomorrow? it would still take decades for the planet to recover.
  • More formal form of the third conditional
    • Had Charles Darwin not visited the Galapagos Islands? he might never have developed his theory of evolution.

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