ESL Writing: informal letter in english

How to write an informal letter in anglish

Today I will give some tips and tricks  about  informal letters. How to write an informal ? What phrases to use? How to start letter? How to end letter? If you don't now this post is for you. I  thinck it will behelpful for esl studens level B1 or B2.

Start informal letter in english
The most common salutation in an informal letter is “Dear….” Note that it is followed by a comma.

  • Dear Mickel,
  • Hey!
  • Dearest George,

However, some go extremely informal and use “Hey!” or “Hi!”

Body informal letter in english

  • Thank you for your letter. I am very happy.
  • Why don't we... to apologize
  • Please let me know...
  • I'm really sorry...
  • Could you do something for me?
  • I'm happy to hear that..
  • It was great to get your letter.
  • I’m writing to ask you a favour.
  • Sorry for not writing for so long.

End informal letter in english

  • Write soon...
  • That reminds me,...
  • Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Best wishes.
  • If you have any ather questions? pleas don't hesitate to call. 
  • Take care, Michael
  • Love,
  • Lots of love,
  • Best wishes,
  • Missing you lots,
  • Yours forever, etcetera…
  • I must go now
  • I’ll finish now as I’m running out ofspace.
  • I´d better get going
  • Hope to hear from you soon

Post Script

Use P.S. to add a short message after the complimentary close. Use it especially to write down something that you may have forgotten in the body of the letter.

Examples and semples informal letters in english

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