Vocabulary: Petrol engine in English

Petrol engine

Vocabularu: petrol engine

  1. fuel injector
  2. inlet valve
  3. camshaft
  4. valve spring
  5. timing belt
  6. pistin skirt
  7. combustion chamber
  8. piston ring
  9. connecting rob
  10. alternator
  11. colling fan
  12. pulley
  13. fan belt
  14. crankshaft
  15. sump gasket
  16. oil drain plug
  17. sump
  18. piston
  19. air conditioner compressor
  20. engine block
  21. exhaust valve
  22. flywheel
  23. axhaust manifold
  24. spark plug
  25. ignition lead
  26. vacuum diaphragm
  27. valve cover
  28. rocker arm

car's petrol engine

 How to work petrol engine


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