ESL Business english: Talking about your work

Usefull phrases in English about your job:
I work in ... (use for plase,city,country, department, field, industry)
  • I work in a school.
  • I work in a office.
  • I work in Russia.
  • I work in education.
  • I work in retail industry
I work at (use for more specific place)
I work with ...

I work for  ...(use for company, person)
  • I work for myself.
  • I work for Microsoft.
  • I work for Gazprom.
I work on  ...(use for  place, area)
I manage a ...
One of my main responsibilities is to do smth..
I'm responsible to ....(your boss)

  • I'm responsible to John Donn (my boss).
I'm responsible for ....(your work area)

  • I'm responsible for recruitment and training.
I'm in charge of doing ....
I leave for work...
I get to/arrive at work ...

Vocabulary in English about job:

  • reteil
  • work off
  • out of work - in this moment
  • day off - all day
  • full-time job
  • part-time job
  • make over time
  • temporary job
  • permanent job
  • half ours

Example in English talking about your work:

I work for a large Russian Oil Company. I work on a disign. In fact I run the design department and I manage team. Of 20 designers directly work under me. It was very interesting. One of my main responsibilities is to make sure that new model sure are released quartely. I.m also in change of maintaining brand style.

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