Useful phrases in english: keep going, drop by, in charge of

Keep going - continue

-If you’re going through hell, keep going.

-Excuse me. I'm looking for a Bank.
-Just keep going.

-Can I stop running?
-No, keep going. You need the exercise.

-Should we stop working at 5 o'clock?
-No, let's keep going until 7 o'clock.

Drop by - visit for a short time, to make unplanned visit.

-I'd like to show you some samples. Can I drop by your office later?

-You left your cell phone  in my car. I'll drop by your  house and give it to you.

-I drop by the camera store to pick up our photos.

In charge of - responsible for, supervisor of.

-You'll be in charge of the music down here.

-I'd like to speck to the person in charge of customer service.

-He's in charge of training new staff.

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