Useful idioms:Make up my mind, Cheers, Stay up, Oversleep, About to do something, On my way, That’s it, It’s about tome, Can I take a rain check

Make up my mind-decide

-Make up your mind, before someone does it for you!

-Which one would you like?
-I can’t make up my mind

-Are you going to buy the blue car or the green car.
-I don’t know. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

He’s finally made up his mind. He’s going to study business.

Cheers!-Sometimes we say this before drinking alcohol to offer good wishes. When we say this, we lift our glasses and touch them together.

-Cheers! To a long happy life.
-Cheers. To your health!

Stay up – stay awake late than one’s usual bedtime

-When my husband works late, I stay up until he gets home.

Oversleep – make up later than planned

-Wake up! We overslept!

-I’m behind schedule this morning because I overslept.

-I use three alarm clocks so that I never oversleep.

About to do something – going to do something very soon

-We are about to start.

On my way

-I Don't Know Where I am Going But I am on My Way

-Did you call the police?
-Yes? They’re on their way. They will be here very soon.

-We need some milk.
-Okey, I’ll ask Dad to bay some on his way home.

That’s it-nothing more

-Are there  any more cookies?
-No. That’s it.

-You’re going to Europe? To France? Spain?
-Just to Italy. That’s it.

It’s about tome-it is overdue? But it is finally happening

-The package arrived.
-It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for week.

-Sam is getting married.
-Great. It’s about time. He’s 46 years old.

Can I take a rain check? – Can we change the plan to another time in the future?

-I have to cancel our plans for lunch today. Can I take a rain check?
-Sure. How about tomorrow?

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