Grammar: Conditions in English

Grammar: Conditions in english

  • unless
Unless you help me, won’finish on time 
  • provided/providing
I’ll water the plants provided I have time this afternoon
  • as/so long as
As long as you promise to be back by midnight, you can go to the party 
  • on condition
He agreed to work Saturdays on condition that he was paid overtime 
  • what if
What if he needs it? 
  • suppose/supposing
Suppose you were fired, what would you do?
Supposing you had been invited, would you have gone? 
  • otherwise
Otherwise we’ll miss our flight 
  • but for
But for your advice, I wouldn’t have been able to solve my problems 
  • or (else)
Don’t do that again or I’ll punish you 
  • even if
I wouldn’t go to the party even if they invited me 
  • in case / the event (of)
In case of a fire, sound the alarm

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