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Useful phrases in English: Telephone Conversation Phrases

Learn English 28 - Office Phone

Making contact:

Hello/Good morning/Good afternoon ..
This is John Brown speaking.
Could I speak to .......... please?
I'd like to speak to .......... please.
I'm trying to contact ..........
Hi – Hello – Hello, how are you?
Good morning – good afternoon -good evening

Answering the phone:

Good morning/afternoon XYZ Ltd. How can I help you?

Giving more information in English:

I'm calling from Tokyo/Paris/New York/Sydney
I'm calling on behalf of (Mr. X ...)

Taking a call:

X speaking
Can I help you?
This is …. (give your name)
This is ….( give your name, from (state place, or company).
Hello this …(give your name)

Asking for a name/information:

Who's calling please?
Who's speaking?
Where are you calling from?
Are you sure you have the right number/name?

Asking the caller to wait:

Hold the line please
Could you hold on please
Just a moment please


Thank you for holding
The line's free now ..... I'll put you through
I'll connect you now / I'm connecting you now.

Giving the reason for a call in English:

I’m phoning for some information on …
I’d like some more detailed material …
I’d like to meet someone from CNT …
I need some information …
I need to talk to an accountant.

Giving negative information:

I'm afraid the line's engaged. Could you call back later?
I'm afraid he's in a meeting at the moment
I'm sorry. He's out of the office today / He isn't in at the moment.
I'm afraid we don't have a Mr/Mrs/Miss ... here
I'm sorry. There's nobody here by that name.
Sorry. I think you've dialled the wrong number.
I'm afraid you've got the wrong number.
I'm sorry, but the line's engaged at the moment.
I'm sorry. There's no reply.
I'm sorry, but he/she's out of the office at the moment.
I'm afraid he/she's on the other line at the moment.

Telephone problems:

The line is very bad. Could you speak up please?
Could you repeat that please?
I'm afraid I can't hear you.
Sorry. I didn't catch that. Could you say that again please?

Offering help:

Would you like to hold?
Is there anyone else who could help you?
Can I take a message?
Maybe I can help you?

Leaving/taking a message:

Can I leave/take a message?
Would you like to leave a message?
Could you give him/her a message?
Could you ask him/her to call me back?
Would you like him/her to call you back?
Could you tell him/her that I called?
Could you give me your name please?
Could you spell that please?
What's your number please?
Could I have your name and number, please?
Could you give me your name and number, please?

Requesting Someone:

May I please speak to …. (give the person’s name)
I would like to speak to…(give the person’s name)
Is ….(give the person’s name) available.
Is it possible to speak to ….(give the person’s name).
I need to speak to ….(give the person’s name)

Making offers

Shall I arrange for …?
Would you like me to send them …?

Promising action:

I’ll put you through …
I’ll send them to you …
I’ll contact you …

When Party (the person you are trying to call) is Unavailable:

May I leave a message, please?
Do you know when he/she will be available?
Do you know when he/she will return to the office/home?
I will call back latter/in an hour/tomorrow.
Please tell him …..(give your name) called, and I will call latter/call again.
Please have him/she call me back.
May I leave my telephone number? My phone number is…..(give your number)?
Please have him/her contact at ……(state a place or a phone number).
Where/How can I reach him/her?
What is her/his mobile phone number/Cell/Cellular phone number?

Offer a return call:

Perhaps he/she can call you back?
Could he/she call you back?

Checking the information:

Could you spell that, please?
Can I just check that again, please?
Could you repeat that, please?

Ending a conversation

It’s been great talking with you. I’ve got a meeting now so I better run.
Thanks for calling. I’ll speak with you again soon.
I’ve got another call coming in. Good talking to you.
I better let you go.
It’s 5 o’clock already. I better let you go.
Let’s touch base on this again in a few days.

Recording a voice mail message on your machine

Hello, you’ve reached Marina Smith at XYZ company. I’m sorry I’m not available to take your call. Please leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can. Thank you.

- Hello, you’ve reached John Block at ABC. It’s Monday, May 22, and I will be out of the office all day. I will be checking my voice mail from time to time and will return all urgent calls. Thank you.

If you’re going on vacation
- Hello, this is Marina Smith at the XYZ company. I will be on vacation from Friday, May 12 through Monday, May 22. Please leave a message, and I’ll call you back when I return. Thank you.

Phrases for cell phone calls

The fading signal
- I’m sorry, I’m losing you. Can you call me back?
- I can barely hear you. Let me call you back on my other phone.
- We’re breaking up. I’m having trouble hearing you. Let me call you back later.

The lost call
- Hi, it’s Marina again. Apparently we got cut off.
- Hi, it’s John again. Sorry I lost you. My cell phone dropped the signal.

Leaving a voice mail

- Hello, this is Marina Smith calling to follow-up regarding your order with XYZ company. Can you please call me back at 999-344-3344.

- Hello, this is John Block from ABC. I’m calling regarding the upcoming conference in Miami. I’ll try you again later today.

- Hi, it’s Marina. Please call me back when you get a minute. (informal)


May I send you a fax?
What is your fax number?
Did you receive my fax?
I send a fax to….. (give person’s name), did he.she receive it?

Other Useful Telephone Phrases/Words in English:

The number is busy.
My I hold on the line.
I sorry can’t hear you.
I sorry I can’t understand you.
Please speak slowly, I am having a difficult time understanding you.
Who am I speaking to?
Who is calling?
The line was disconnected.
Please connect me to ….(give the name or the person, or the extensions)


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