ESL Business: Useful telephone phrases and vocabulary in english

Identifying yourself
This is Leo Pearson from Griffin PIc.
It's Steve Ronson (from) AFS here.

Explaining the reason for the call
I'm calling about ...
I have a question about ...
I wanted to ask about ...
Are you the right person to ask?

Asking for the person
Could I speak to Bob Little, please?
Is Katja there, please?
Could you put me through to your accounts department, please?
Listen, Steve, I'm actually trying to get through to Paula. Is she there at the moment?
When the person isn't available
Oh , that's a pity. I'll try calling later.
Can I leave a message for him/her?
Can you ask him/her to call me back, please?

Identifying yourself
Micah Information Systems. Sylvia speaking.
HCE Ltd. Arno Maier speaking. How can I help you?
So, what can I do for you?

Transferring a call
Can I just ask what it's about?
Can you hold on a moment, please?
Can you hold the line, please?
I'll put you through.
I'm connecting you now.
The line's (still) busy.
Would you like to wait, or shall I ask him/her to you back?
I'm afraid his/her line is engaged
Shall I give you his/her extension number?
When the other person isn't available
I'm afraid Ms Thomson is unavailable at the moment.
She's on another line/in a meeting/on a busines trip.
I'm sorry, but Derek isn't in the office today.
Can I take a message?
Would you like to leave a message for her/him?
Would you like to call back later?
Can I help at all?

Opening the call in english
I'm calling about ...
I have a question about .. .
I wanted  to ask about ...
Are you  the  right person  to ask?

Exchanging information in english
What was your question?
What would you  like to know?
Could you  tell me  ...  ?

Checking information
Would you  like me  to spell  that for you?
Did you say  ... ?
Sorry,  I didn't catch  that.
Let me  just read  that back to you?
Let me  just check that  .


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