ESL Business: Telephone talk topics in English

Call customer service to find out about replacement part, spare parts, etc.

C.S. Hello, customer service. This is Candy Smiss. How can i help you?
G.T. Hello.This is George Tellor. I’d like some more details about  replacement of spare parts.

C.S. Well. What kind of question do you have?
G.T. Ms. Smiss I bought  BMW 1 Series  in your showroom  about two months ago. I have trouble with my car Air Condition. It has been already broken for two days. I was at the repair service, but they told me that now they had no free Spare parts for my car.

C.S. Could you give me your car's VIN?
G.T . Just a moment please.. Well It's SD123456778J.

C.S. Could you repeat that, please?
G.T. Sure,   SD123456778J.

C.S. Hold the line please. I need to check the availability in the stock.
G.T. OK.

C.S. OK. I have already checked. We have one in the main stock. Will you order it?
G.T.Of course, It would be great.

С.S. Could you give me your telephone number, please?
G.T. My number is 8900667765.

C.S. We will replace your  Air Conditioner next week. I will call you when we receive your spare part.
G.T. Well, Candy, It was great to resolve my problem. I'll be waiting for your call.

C.S. Thanks for calling. Goodbye
G.T. Goodbye.

Ring the company representative to find out details on how the product works.

Sam: Hello, Electronics Inc. This is Sam Grew speaking. How can I help you?
Jonh: Hello, Mr. Grew. I'm Janh Klark. I had an order of a fax machine. I n\have already received my order. I don't know how to use it.

Sam: Ok. Hold the line please. I will try to swich you to the customer service.
C.S.: Hello, Electronics Inc. This is Serg Leon. How can I help you?

Jonh: Hello.I had your fax machine. I don't nkow how to use it.
C.S. What model did you have?

Jonh: I had FX-703.
C.S.:Ok. Have you already unpacked the fax machine.

Jonh: Yes, I have.
C.S.: First, Conect the power cabel to the device. Then connect the phone cord into the phone's socket. Only after that you can turn on the device.

Jonh: Ok. I did it.
C.S.: After that you have to put in some paper into tray. If you want to receive a fax you shuold press the button "START". If you want to send a fax put in your paper mesage into fax machine. You have to call samebody and then press "START".

Jonh: Great, It's easy. Thank you for good instruction.
C.S.: You are welcome.

Jonh: Goodbye.
C.S.: Goodbye.

Telephone a consumer agency to find out if the product has any defects in English.

M.M. Hello, Could  I speak to Mr. Sam.
R.  Hello. Who's calling please?

M.M. This is Mad Max
R. Could you hold on please

Mr.Sam  Hello. Mr. Mad.
M.M.  Hello.

Mr.Sam How can I help you?
M.M. I have some question about quality of your goods.

M.M. I’d like to meet someone from quality department.

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