ESL Business: Symbols in English

  1. _ underscore
  2. @ at
  3. - hyphen
  4. dash
  5. . point (numbers), full stop/period (at theend of a sentence),dot (in an email or website dress)
  6. ? question mark
  7. ! exclamation mark
  8. : colon
  9. ; semi-colon
  10. / (forward) slash
  11. \ back slash
  12. # hash/pound/numbe
  13. * asterisk/star
  14. ( open bracket
  15. ) close bracket
  16. ( ) round brackets
  17. [ ] square brackets

ESL Business: Useful telephone phrases and vocabulary in english

Identifying yourself
This is Leo Pearson from Griffin PIc.
It's Steve Ronson (from) AFS here.

Explaining the reason for the call
I'm calling about ...
I have a question about ...
I wanted to ask about ...
Are you the right person to ask?

ESL Business: Telephone talk topics in English

Call customer service to find out about replacement part, spare parts, etc.

C.S. Hello, customer service. This is Candy Smiss. How can i help you?
G.T. Hello.This is George Tellor. I’d like some more details about  replacement of spare parts.

C.S. Well. What kind of question do you have?
G.T. Ms. Smiss I bought  BMW 1 Series  in your showroom  about two months ago. I have trouble with my car Air Condition. It has been already broken for two days. I was at the repair service, but they told me that now they had no free Spare parts for my car.

C.S. Could you give me your car's VIN?
G.T . Just a moment please.. Well It's SD123456778J.

ESL speaking: How to End a Conversation

What should you do to get away from someone if you're in a hurry or you're not enjoying the conversation?

How to Politely End a Conversation

I’m frequently asked about how to bring a conversation to a polite and friendly close. Like you, no one wants to be perceived as rude or hurtful.

ESL business: useful phrases in English TELEPHONE

Slang Telephone Conversation

Casual Phone Conversation

BBC Telephone

ESL business: Useful Phrases in English Starting a Telephone Talk

Starting a Telephone Talk

A: Hello!
B: May I speak to Mr. Stock, please?
A: Speaking.
B: Good morning, Mr. Stock. This is Surikov calling.
A: Good morning, Mr. Surikov.

A: Hello.
B: Could I speak to Mr. Ivanov?
A: Who's calling, please?
B: This is Brown from the Foreign Office.
A: Thank you. I'm putting you through.
C: Ivanov speaking.

ESL business: Running a Business Meeting


May I have a word?
If I may, I think...
Excuse me for interrupting.
May I come in here?

Giving Opinions

I (really) feel that...
In my opinion...
The way I see things...
If you ask me,... I tend to think that...
Asking for Opinions

Do you (really) think that...
(name of participant) can we get your input?
How do you feel about...?

ESL business: Telephone Conversation

How to Answer the Phone: American English Pronunciation

Telephone English: Taking a Message

ESL business: useful phrases in English TELEPHONE

Useful phrases in English: Telephone Conversation Phrases

Learn English 28 - Office Phone

Making contact:

Hello/Good morning/Good afternoon ..
This is John Brown speaking.
Could I speak to .......... please?
I'd like to speak to .......... please.
I'm trying to contact ..........
Hi – Hello – Hello, how are you?
Good morning – good afternoon -good evening

Answering the phone:

Good morning/afternoon XYZ Ltd. How can I help you?

Giving more information in English:

I'm calling from Tokyo/Paris/New York/Sydney
I'm calling on behalf of (Mr. X ...)

ESL Vocabulary: English Collocations in Use Advance

English Collocations in Use Advance

English Collocations in Use Advance

ESL Writing: Business letters in english

ESL Writing: Make complaint letter about the missing luggage

Reporting the missing article/luggage

1. This is to report the loss of a trunk that I had booked form New Delhi to Mumbai Central in the brake van of Rajdhani Deluxe/Air Conditioned Express that left New Delhi station on ……………… (date) ……………… a.m. /p.m.

2. This is to report the disappearance of a bicycle booked by me from Delhi to Mumbai in the luggage van of the Frontier Mail which left New Delhi station on ……………… (date) ……………… a.m. /p.m.

3. This is to inform you that I have lost a basket of fruit I had booked in the luggage van of Rajdhani Express leaving Delhi for Mumbai on ……………… (date) ……………… a.m. /p.m.. I had also travelled by the same train.

Unit 8: New Cutting Edge Elementary additional materials (did)

Unit 8:  New Cutting Edge Elementary additional materials

Episode 6. He didn't write

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  • Regular Verbs  in english
  • Verbs ending in 'Y'
  • Irregular Verbs  in english
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