IELTS vocabulary: IELTS task #2 Compound nouns

Compound nouns
Match the words in box A with the words in box B to make 10 compound nouns. You will need to use some words more than once.


  • active
  • family
  • maternal
  • sibling
  • stable
  • extended
  • immediate
  • physical
  • striking


  • family
  • instinct
  • rivalry
  • upbringing
  • gatherings
  • resemblance
  • role

Answer key

immediate family
extended family
family gathering
sibling rivalry
stable upbringing
active role
family resemblence
physical resemblance
striking resemblance
maternal instinct

IELTS Vocabulary:
resemblance oft N, N between/to If there is a resemblance between two people or things, they are similar to each other.

maternal relating to a mother, especially during pregnancy or shortly after childbirth maternal care ■ (of feelings) typical of a caring mother; motherly a mother who radiated maternal concern ■ [attrib.] related through the mother's side of the family

immediate 1) occurring or done at once; instant the authorities took no immediate action | the book's success was immediate ■ relating to or existing at the present time the immediate concern was how to avoid taxes 2) nearest in time, relationship, or rank no changes are envisaged in the immediate future | his immediate superior in the department ■ nearest or next to in space roads in the immediate vicinity of the port ■ (of a relation or action) without an intervening medium or agency; direct coronary thrombosis was the immediate cause of death 3) (of knowledge or reaction) gained or shown without reasoning; intuitive

rivalry [ˈraıvəlrı] , -ries 1) the act of rivalling; competition 2) the state of being a rival or rivals

upbringing upbringing the treatment and instruction received by a child from its parents throughout its childhood

gathering ['gaT͟Həring] gath·er·ing 1) an assembly or meeting, esp. a social or festive one or one held for a specific purpose a family gathering

resemblance [ri'zembləns] re·sem·blance the state of resembling or being alike they bear some resemblance to Italian figurines. See note at likeness ■ a way in which two or more things are alike


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  3. can we say :
    "striking role", "stable role ", "phsycal role" ???

  4. what does physical resemblance mean ?
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