ESL Writing: Describing People in english

Describing People vocabulary

  • Height: of medium height
  • Build: tall, thick, just six foot, slim, thin, muscular, well-build, overweight, skinny,long-legged, round-shouldered,full
  • Age: of his late forties,  middle-age, teenage, elderly, in his teens, in his mid-forties
  • Complexion:
  • Face: plump, oval, round, tanned, pale, beard, freckled, dimples,   wrinkled  
  • Hair: ginger, curly, blond,  wavy, balding, straight, shoulder-length, short
  • Eyes: slanted, almond-shaped 
  • Nose: curved, crooked
  • Lips: full, slim
  • Special fuatures: mole, wrinkled, scar, moustache

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