ESL Writing: Business english useful phrases

Useful english Phrase bank

Describing in english your work
I work for IBM/a pharmaceutical company.
I work in a bank/an office/London.
My job involves ...
My role is to ...
I have a post as head of marketing/in the marketing department
I am responsible for accounts.
I have (five years of) experience in sales.
We are based in ...
Our headquarters are in ...

Discussing in english ideas
What do you think about ... ?
For example, from a (business) point of view ...
I don’t think that ...
Yes, you’re probably right, but ...
Do you really think ... ?
I’m not sure about that.
What do you mean?

Telephoning in english
Can I speak to ... ?
Can you give me the number for ... ?
Can I/you take a message?
Can I have extension ... , please?
This is ... .
The line is engaged.
You’ve got the wrong number.
I’m phoning about ....

Talking about the past
When was the company founded?
How long ago did ... ?
When was the last time ... ?
Who founded the company/invented ... ?

Dealing with correspondence
Thank you for ...
I wish to / would like to confirm our order
Please contact us / let us know if ...
Regarding ...
I apologise for ...
Please accept my apologies for ...
I’ll deal with it ...
Let me take down the details ..
I’m not at all happy about this

Travel & accommodation
I have a few hours to kill.
I’d like a chance to shower.
stretch out.
sleep off the jet lag.
They offer luxury at an affordable price.
The price was very reasonable.
I have an early morning flight.
an afternoon

Talking about business achievements in english
He was still only twenty when he set up the business.
The company is still growing.
He left school at 16.
Eventually he became a manager.
They picked up skills and knowledge.
To set up a business, take risks and make money.
Customer service is a major selling point.
One thing they have in common is capacity for hard work.

Talking in english about your health
What symptoms do you notice?
I get a lot of headaches.
I sleep badly.
I get a bit on edge at times.
I have a horrible rash on my neck.
I suffer from stress.
Stress is linked to heart disease.
Money and the company background
He’s now a millionaire.
He hit the jackpot.
They bought the company.
She became the CEO of the company.
He joined the management team.
He had a small stake in the company.
She was the co-founder of the company.
We don’t get a bonus at the end of the year.

Air travel
Is this where I check in for flight BA 264?
Is it okay if I take this bag on as hand luggage?
Did you pack your bag yourself?
Could you show me where the available seats are?
The flight will be boarding at gate number 23 in 20 minutes.
Have a good flight.

Asking in english for clarification
Now, can we just check out some details?
Does that mean … ?
But do you/are you … ?
It says on your CV/in you email that … . What exactly does that mean?
What does … involve?
Could you be a bit more specific about ... , please?

Good afternoon. The subject of my presentation today is ...
This leads me on to the next point ...
I will go on to look at these different aspects of time-use in more detail, but ...
Okay, that’s a brief summary of the points I’d like to cover. Now let’s go back to look
at ...

Talking about time
It’s behind schedule. What is the situation?
I’m sorry about the delay but there have been some problems
How long is it going to take?
I think we should be ready by .......
It shouldn’t take longer than that.
Will it be on time?
Social chat
How’s it going?
Where have you been?
Have you heard the news? What news?
I can’t believe it!
Really! Is it official?
Apparently they are going to …
That’s awful/terrible/wonderful/incredible.
Catch you later.
See you there at about six.

Advantages and disadvantages
What are the pros and cons?
The advantages / benefits / disadvantages / drawbacks are ...
That’s a negative/positive factor.
Security is an issue.
Another point is …
Having a good job is one thing, but earning a lot of money is another.

Explaining things
It’s not really about working at home.
Then you are supposed to persuade your friends.
The idea is to …
I doubt it really works.
It sounds more attractive than it really is.
You can do as little or as much as you want.
The basic tools are …

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