ESL useful phrases in english :Travel & accommodation

ESL conversation in english

Travel & accommodation
I have a few hours to kill.
I’d like a chance to shower.
I’d like a chance to stretch out.
I’d like a chance to relax.
I’d like a chance to sleep off the jet lag.
They offer luxury at an affordable price
The price was very reasonable.
I have an early morning flight.
I have an afternoon  flight.
I have evening  flight.

Long Trips - USA English

Have a good trip.
Enjoy your vacation.
Have a good time in (..)

Long Trips - UK English

Have a good journey.
Enjoy your holidays.
Have a good time in (...)

Enjoy! (American English)
Have a good time at (place such as a restaurant)
Have a good time in (city)

How was your vacation? (holiday in UK)
Did you enjoy your time in (...)
How was your journey / flight / trip?

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