In company: 60-second pinch

How your company could cut costs?

I was thinking about the future of our company. We need to reduce costs. We have many costs for defective products. Our customers are dissatisfied with high prices and high percentage of defects. I have a few ideas on this issue. We can training our stuff. If we have good trained stuff, we can reduce mistakes of stuff. We can replace the old production line. It should reduce the volume of defective products and increase production.

Setting up a new branch of the company.

Our company is increasing last year. We have many customers in St. Petersburg. I think it would be a good idea to setting up new branch in this city. I could be CEO of this branch. If We have branch in St. Petersburg, we can receive more orders from local customers. We will be able to control the supply in this region. We will increase profit twice a year.

Having TV advertisement to promote the company.

I looked through the report of our analysts. We have low sales in local market. If we can't find a solution how to increase sales, we will loss out. The solution is tv advertisement. It's very simple and effective way to make our products and company more and popular.

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